Why Kvidul is an exciting investment


The way Kvidul thinks about the development of the innovative, land-based fish farm in Åfjord is highlighted as one of the pillars in the Norway of the future. Local forces, which have been close to Kvidul since 2018, have faith in the project.
- Kvidul does not take anything lightly, says Rolf Øia, general manager of Åfjord development. Since 2018, Åfjord Development has supported the process of finding a site for the large, land-based fish farm that Kvidul is developing.

Plans are now being made for NOK 4-5 billion investments in land-based farming in the small coastal municipality on the north side of the Trondheim Fjord.
INVESTMENT IN SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: The general manager of Åfjord Utvikling, Rolf Øia, believes in the project being developed at Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality.
- Kvidul's pursuit of zero emissions aligns well with our goal of being a renewable municipality, says Øia. We focus on sustainable growth and development, and have already marked ourselves as one of Norway's larges wind power municipalities.

Steady management

- It is always demanding to raise capital before you need it, says Stein Roger Dalheim. He has 40 years of experience in the construction industry, also as a business manager.

Together with Idar A. Iversen, he forms the management of Kvidul.
FOUNDERS: Stein Roger Dalheim (CEO, left) and Idar Iversen (COO, right) lead Kvidul, and are the founders behind the company.
- Idar has 45 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He could almost have been a character in the NRK series "Lykkeland", says Dalheim with a little laugh.

- Kvidul does not make urgent decisions, and they have been with us on inspection many times, says Rolf Øia. Among other things, they have analyzed ground conditions, to avoid surprises where they will build.

Life after oil

In a new report prepared by McKinsey Norway, aquaculture has been highlighted as one of ten growth industries that Norway can live on after oil. And although turnover has increased sevenfold in the last 20 years, and the volume has almost quadrupled, the conclusion in the independent consultancy report is that this can be recreated.

"The time has come to rebuild the country," said Frithjof Norman Lund, McKinsey chief in Norway to NRK . (09.02.22)

Important keywords from the report include sustainable farming solutions and new farming technology. Read more about how Kvidul's young development team works with this here: This is how the fish farms of the future will be developed
FOCUS ON FISH HEALTH: The planned facility will ensure total control over water quality and give the fish optimal growth conditions.

Good project

Åfjord Utvikling AS provided information early in the Kvidul phase that the municipality will not invest in the infrastructure itself.

- Kvidul has shown a full understanding that they must be responsible for investments themselves, says Øia.

- The project idea seems sensible, and they are concerned with making this as safe as possible. Kvidul has listened to the municipality regarding interventions to make this as gentle as possible on the surroundings. It is a good project they are now applying for funding for.

Øia emphasizes that Åfjord Utvikling AS has not obtained an expert opinion on the project, but is based on its own assessments of the process. The dialogue with Kvidul has been trustworthy, and Øia thus believes it will be one of the plans they are now making.

- Kvidul looks ahead and is already in dialogue with additional landowners, Øia concludes. They are already making good plans for further expansion.