The fish farming company of the future

Green value chain with optimal fish welfare and zero emissions from sustainable land-based fish farming


TOTAL CONTROL: The best fish welfare - high operational efficiency - high process and product qualityENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Zero emissions through the use of the latest technology in water treatment and sludge treatmentTECHNOLOGY: Industry-leading technology that ensures optimal water quality, low water consumption and high energy efficiencyKVIDUL AQUA: Continuous development of land-based aquaculture and RAS technology anchored in the Green Value Chain


"Sustainable farming that ensures that the environmental footprint is kept within acceptable limits is a prerequisite for long-term growth of the industry" (
Kvidul identifies opportunities and presents solutions that will provide safe and sustainable production of salmonids

Good fish welfare

The fish grow in an active water system where we use industry-leading RAS technology for continuous purification of water.
Our RAS facility delivers optimal water quality to the fish tanks and ensures good fish welfare.

Kvidul focuses on fish welfare

Zero Discharge

We use a proven technology for water purification and sludge treatment, and will develop solutions for sustainable utilization of fish sludge.
What is discharged into the sea must have water quality that is at least as good as the intake water


Our unique “green value chain” solves most challenges in traditional farming. We seek total command over these obstacles and to be more sustainable and accountable

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Unique concept

Kvidul has developed a green value chain. We will ensure that future food production is sustainable by using cutting-edge water purification, RAS, sludge treatment, and value creation from waste. The plant must have zero discharge, and the quality of the discharged water at the first project must be at least equivalent to that of the intake water.

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Our long-term growth is contingent upon a sustainable farming system that maintains an acceptable environmental footprint