Kvidul and AquaMaof enter into a framework agreement


The parties enter a long-term business relationship for land-based farming. AquaMaof will deliver RAS technology for an annual production of up to 20,000 tons of salmon on Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality. The plant is scheduled to start construction in the autumn of 2022.
AquaMaof will deliver RAS technology to the land-based fish farm on Brennholmen.

Important partner

Kvidul sees AquaMaof as a vital partner as a supplier of RAS technology. At Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality, AquaMaof will deliver RAS technology for an annual production of up to 20,000 tons of salmon. The development is planned in two phases, each with 10,000 tons of annual production. In the first phase, AquaMaof will also deliver a smolt plant with a yearly capacity of 10 million smolts. The recent agreement stipulates that AquaMaof will provide financial support by becoming a strategic co-owner of Kvidul, subject to certain conditions.

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) is a technology that purifies and recycles the water used in the production plant. RAS technology is the only way to ensure low water consumption and low emissions. At the same time, RAS technology gives you full control over the salmon's health and growth conditions, to provide an optimized growth environment for the fish.

We have thoroughly assessed both RAS and emissions in connection with fish farming technologies and equipment available in the market. AquaMaof has an uncomplicated tailor-made design that provides significant operational benefits.

—Stein Roger Dalheim (CEO)

Stein Roger Dalheim (CEO)

Long-term cooperation

The parties enter a long-term collaboration, where Kvidul plans to acquire more facilities from AquaMaof. In addition, a collaboration agreement will be entered into between AquaMaof and Kvidul Aqua, linked to the Green Value Chain, which Kvidul has developed.
The development of Brennholmen in Åfjord municipality is planned to be developed in 2 phases. Phase 1 includes producing 10,000 tons of edible fish and 10 million smolts, and phase 2 is designed with an additional 10,000 tons of edible fish.

We are very pleased that AquaMaof is now entering into a long-term collaboration with us.

—Stein Roger Dalheim (CEO)

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Reasons to invest in Kvidul

  1. Unique investment opportunity

    We offer the opportunity to invest in an innovative fish production company with excellent growth potential. We have a unique technological concept - Green Value Chain - and develop the fish farming company of the future.

  2. Innovative concept - "Green value chain"

    We want to build closed fish production plants - a combination of:
    1) The latest water treatment technology
    2) Use of AquaMaof RAS, which cleans and recycles the water used in the fish tanks
    3) The latest waste treatment technology

  3. The best RAS technology

    RAS enables an industrial and production-oriented approach with stability in the plant, which optimizes growth and production efficiency. AquaMaof has focused on efficient solutions with low complexity based on fish farming.

  4. Sustainable farming

    Kvidul must be an innovative and sustainable breeder, both on land and at sea. We want to ensure sustainable and efficient production - and create the best fish welfare. Here we will highlight experiences from AquaMaof and other operational partners.

  5. Why do we want to run fish farming on land in Norway?

    Norway, especially Central Norway, has an excellent climate for salmon farming. Norway has industry-leading knowledge of offshore aquaculture, which is a sound basis for the development of land-based fish farming. We also have a unique training and knowledge base in Trondheim.

  6. Innovation and project development in Norway

    It is cost-effective to carry out large projects in Norway. Norway has a lot of engineering and project expertise and is good at organizing and implementing. Norway has a high level of expertise in WATER & RAS technology. There is significantly less risk of building in Norway.

  7. KVIDUL training and development center

    We want to encourage our employees to think new and try new solutions. Sometimes we will fail; most times, we will succeed. The most important thing is that we learn and grow with our experiences. Our team will "pursue" and learn from our partners.

  8. Long experience and strong execution power

    The founders have extensive experience in competing and high-tech industries and founded several companies that have experienced great successes. RAS technology has been used in the oil and gas industry for many years.